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New Sauce Labs Node.JS Package
Posted by Christian Bromann in JavaScriptOpen SourceSauce Product Info

Sauce Labs is proud to announce a new major upgrade to our Node.JS API wrapper. After many years of amazing maintenance work by people like Dan Jenkins, Daniel Perez Alvarez and others we assumed ownership of the project and will continue to maintain it going forward. The new version (v2) of the API wrapper comes with a lot of new features and support for a variety of API endpoints that [...]

WebDriver Moves To A W3C Recommendation

The W3C has officially moved the WebDriver protocol to recommended state, which means it is officially supported and endorsed by W3C. The Selenium Project added stable support for the W3C protocol in Selenium v3.8 through v3.11 and has indicated plans to migrate entirely to the new protocol in all upcoming versions. There are three main advantages to the W3C protocol: There will be an agreed to [...]

Foxdriver: A Node.js Remote Debugging Client
Posted by Christian Bromann in Open Source

Sauce Labs is pleased to announce that it is open-sourcing one of its internal projects called Foxdriver. It is a Node.js remote debugging client for Firefox that allows developer to boot a fresh Firefox instance or attach themselves to an already-running instance, e.g. while running a WebDriver test. It provides access to the Firefox Remote Debugging Protocol, which is a comprehensive interface [...]

JIRA Cloud And BambooHR Integration
Posted by Gavin Mogan in JIRAOpen Source

As a development shop, Sauce Labs builds a lot of internal tools. We try to open source as many as we can. As such, we are happy to announce the availability of our own JIRA Cloud and BambooHR integration as an open source project. One of our developers started this project after an offhand comment made by the IT team. They really wanted an easy way to know who someone’s manager was, and [...]

Sauce Labs Joins The W3C!
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in News & Product UpdatesOpen Source

Today, Sauce Labs is proud to announce that it has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the group of organizations and individuals working to add standardization and interoperability to the user experience of the Internet. The W3C is home to well over a hundred standards adopted in the industry to that end. For some time, leaders in the Selenium community and representatives from browser [...]

Sauce Labs Donates Appium Copyright to JS Foundation
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in AppiumNews & Product UpdatesOpen Source

Today, Sauce Labs is proud to be a part of a significant moment in the JavaScript community and ecosystem, with the official launch of the JS Foundation. The JS Foundation exists to foster innovation and collaboration in the world of JavaScript, and aims to be an umbrella for the wide range of projects that are either written in JavaScript or otherwise participate in the JavaScript ecosystem. [...]

The Sauce Labs Open Source Engineering Team
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in News & Product UpdatesOpen SauceOpen Source

Open source software and open source communities have played a foundational role in Sauce Labs's existence. Without Selenium, Sauce would have been unable to fulfill its vision of a lock-in-free automated testing cloud. Clearly, we owe a lot to the Selenium WebDriver community, not to mention the debt we have to the maintainers of the countless other open source projects we rely on every day as [...]

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