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Guest Post: Designing a Ruby-based Sauce Test Automation Framework Pt. 2
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsRubySoftware Development & Testing

Designing a Ruby-based Sauce Test Automation Framework – Implementing it on Ruby using Page Object Pattern  In the first part of this blog series, we defined Page Object Pattern and also familiarized ourselves with the various building blocks of the Ruby-based test automation framework. Now that, we have realized the benefits of using such a framework, let us try implementing a Simple [...]

Remote file uploads with Selenium & Capybara
Posted by Dylan in RubySelenium Resources

(This post is a little code journey. If you just want to know how to enable remote uploads in Capybara, skip to the end) Usually a file upload is for a file on the same computer as the browser you're uploading with: User on System 1: Upload C:/files/selfie.jpg to Facebook Browser on System 1: Opening C:/files/selfie.jpg, Uploading.... Done! Nice haircut! When you're using a remote browser (say, [...]

Setting up iOS Automation on Sauce Labs with Cucumber and Appium

Abstract Sauce Labs has recently announced Appium support which makes it easier to test mobile apps in the cloud. Appium is a mobile test automation framework for hybrid and native mobile apps. Cucumber is a behaviour driven development a.k.a BDD tool used with different programming languages. The combination of Cucumber and Appium can be used for automating iOS apps in the cloud using Sauce [...]

Join Us for a Ruby Hackathon
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsRubySelenium Resources

More events? You bet! It's spring, and we're in the mood to party, so we're throwing our first Ruby hackathon! Stop by our office next Thursday, May 9th, starting at 3PM, to eat, drink, and hack with us. Come get started with running your existing Selenium integration tests on Sauce using the Sauce Gem, enhance the gem, or just hang out with the Saucers and Ruby community. Cross-browser [...]

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