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From Shift Left Testing to Shift Left Security: The Pursuit of Quality
Posted by Scott Fitzpatrick in Security Testing

In the world of application development, the “shift left” mentality has already transformed QA operations, which use shift left testing to make QA faster and more reliable. The usefulness of the shift left mantra is not limited just to QA, however. Security teams can benefit greatly from shifting security operations to the left as well. It may seem strange to suggest extending shift [...]

Security and Cloud Based Testing
Posted by Michael Churchman in Security Testing

What do you need to know about security and cloud based testing? What (if anything) should you worry about, and what can you do about it? Here's a spoiler: There are reasons to be concerned when it comes to cloud based testing and security, but there are also things that you can do to guarantee a high level of security in cloud based testing. First, let's take a quick look at general cloud [...]

Discovering Security Vulnerabilities with Selenium
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Security TestingSelenium

Hackers are constantly discovering security vulnerabilities—in everything from web applications to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It seems that we wake up to newly reported security breaches with each new day. Why are companies being attacked? In my experience, it’s because security is too often left out of the development life cycle, even when a company has a dedicated security [...]

Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile application security testing Security is a hot topic in the digital world and with the exponential growth of mobile apps available, delivering a perfectly working, highly secure app is crucial to user retention. It is important to let users know what information is being collected, as well as how and why companies are collecting it. Apps should only collect absolutely necessary [...]

Test Automation Best Practices
Posted by Ely Hechtel in Best PracticesMobileMobile Development & TestingSecurity Testing

We’ve already talked about the benefits of test automation. This article is about typical use cases/test scenarios for automated testing. But first things first: there are a number of things to consider when starting to automated tests and one of them is to decide which tests should be and can be automated. That’s why we created this guide on test automation best practices. Test [...]

Security and Testing
Posted by Michael Churchman in Best PracticesGuest Blog PostsQuality EngineeringSecurity Testing

Is your test environment secure? Do you know who has access to your test data, your source code, your design specifications? There was a time, back in the days of stand-alone test systems and networks that were strictly local-area, when those questions would have been easy to answer. A co-worker or two might have been looking over your shoulder, but that would have been about it. These days, [...]

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