Test Analytics

Real-time visibility into test data across teams, platforms and applications

Test analytics

Test analytics displays test trends across the organization, identifying what to fix first.

Improve efficiency by quickly identifying bottlenecks and high-impact quality issues.

Visualize test results

Test Trends provides results across key metrics such as - Pass/Fail Rate, Error Rate, number of tests & concurrency to determine release readiness.

Identify flaky tests

Test History shows you the pass and fail trends of each individual test to determine flakiness.

Improve test efficiency

View build efficiency to evaluate if teams are maximizing their parallelization so you can test faster.

Insights with test analytics

View trends, identify flaky tests, and isolate the issue.

Hear how our customers are using Test Analytics to enhance their QA process.

Test analytics data you can see and drill into

Test analytics

Easy to use real-time dashboard

A simple GUI helps visualize test metrics like number of tests, pass/fail rates over 30 days. View failure/error prone areas in tests, to identify trends and make code changes, increasing pass rates and release speed.

Continuous testing quality test

Multidimensional filters

Easily drill down to specific problem areas to view exactly what went wrong and identify the root cause of systemic testing errors. Our simple click and drag GUI lets you go from an overview of all their tests down to 5 second granularity.

Continuous testing tools for automation

Powerful REST API

Our API allows users to aggregate the analytics data into their home-grown quality dashboard or test analytics tools so they can generate a unified view of all their test data.

Developer Saucebot

Get started with test analytics and identify test trends