Automated Visual Testing


Visual testing enables organizations to test their UI across multiple browsers, devices, and operating environments. It automatically detects visual regressions, identifying exactly where and what has changed.

Don’t waste time testing what hasn’t changed, spend time focusing on what has.

Visual Component Testing

Test individual UI components quickly and frequently across various platforms and screen resolutions. Automatically run visual component testing on every commit to get fast feedback in the early stages of the development cycle without having to write any test scripts.

Visual Regression Testing

Perform regression testing on every code commit. Capturing screenshots of the UI and highlighting the new visual changes allows you compare side by side the new and the original UI.

Rapid and Responsive Testing 

Perform UI tests across multiple device emulators and screen resolution continuously and in parallel.

Sauce and Storybook

Get automated visual testing across your React, Vue, and Angular components. Teams can develop UI tests in Storybook to test UIs continuously across browsers and devices, and test components automatically without needing to write automated test scripts.

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Open source platforms supported through our visual testing tool


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